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Print inspection for pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging

Your Challenges

Text verification and quality assurance are essential for pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging. Any errors - as for instance an illegible, incorrect or incomplete information on patient information leaflets, folding cartons or labels - puts patients’ lives in jeopardy, and exposes pharmaceutical companies to a risk of litigation and a damaged reputation.

What We Can Offer You

EyeC inspection systems provide a dependable solution to verify quality at each of the production stages: at the artwork design and approval, at the print shop, and at the incoming material laboratory. They eliminate human or operational errors, reduce inspection time and increase quality. Hence, they offer an intuitive approach that enhance user´s satisfaction and integrates in processes seamlessly.

Proven solution in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, EyeC software is produced in conformance to applicable ISO 9001, GMP, GAMP 5, and contains all functions necessary for a validation according to the guidelines laid out in U.S. FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11. In addition, we support our pharmaceutical clients during the validation phase by offering a complete validation support package.


Around the world, more than 1800 EyeC inspection systems are in use at top pharmaceutical companies, printers, as well as cosmetic and food producers in 51 countries.

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