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Your Vision for Quality.

If you aspire for an efficient and secure solution to ensure print quality, you can count on EyeC. Print inspection expert, EyeC, develops, sells, and supports a complete range of user-friendly and innovative artwork and print inspection systems worldwide. EyeC inspection systems make sure you catch artwork and print defects before they generate losses.

Quality by EyeC

From the first artwork to the final product

Our range of artwork comparison and print inspection systems covers the complete print cycle. They provide a fast and accurate solution to verify packaging quality at each of the production stages.

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Aimed at quality-conscious companies

EyeC systems are used by numerous companies involved in the production of packaging and print material, including printing, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food manufacturers.

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For all your packaging materials

EyeC’s complete range of inspection systems allows companies to check the quality of all types of packaging materials, such as folding boxes, labels, inserts, foils, and tubes.

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Designed with ease-of-use in mind

Proofreaders, operators and quality managers prefer to work with our systems because they have been developed in close cooperation with users and with a strong emphasis on reliability and ease of use.

Ensuring you the best quality

Our systems are developed with a large focus on quality. Our software is produced in conformance to applicable  ISO 9001:2008, GMP and GAMP 5 guidelines, and contains all functions necessary for validation according to the guidelines laid out in U.S. FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11.

Keeping you up to date at the forefront of technology

Choosing EyeC means investing in a long-lasting, always up-to-date system with an upgradable solution. Our modular options give you the possibility to add new features to your systems at any time. Our software updates regularly improve performance by making sure you are up to date with market requirements and stay at the forefront of technology.

Providing customers total support

If EyeC solutions can offer a compelling return on investment, it is not just because of our efficient quality control tool. It is also because our highly qualified sales and support teams will advise and support you worldwide at any stage of your project: from the project initiation to the installation, training and after-sales service.

Driven by innovation

Private company, EyeC, was created in 2002 by three experts in vision systems: Ansgar Kaupp, Dirk Lütjens and Sören Springmann. Since then the company has experienced rapid growth, and is today one of the key market players. The key to our success: a strong innovative culture, highly skilled and experienced employees, and loyal customers.

All around the globe

With our headquarters in Hamburg, and sales and support offices in more than 22 countries, EyeC helps you improve quality all around the globe.

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Join an innovative and international team

EyeC is always looking for qualified and enthusiastic employees. If you are interested in a challenging job at an international, market-leading and innovative company, then click here to learn more about our job opportunities and get to know part of our enthusiastic and friendly team!

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