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Are you interested in a challenging job at an international, market-leading and innovative company? We are always looking for new employees who desire to work in this kind of environment.

At EyeC, you will gain experience working for an international and dynamic company, where you will be encouraged to think outside the box, as well as have the opportunity to actively participate in the company’s happenings. Our flat organization offers the ideal basis for bringing forward your own ideas. As a bonus, you will enjoy all of this in a modern workplace right in the heart of the German metropolis, Hamburg.

Our Job Openings

EyeC is currently looking for qualified and enthusiastic employees in the following departments.
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Servicetechniker (m/w)

Als Serviceprofi oder ambitionierter Neueinsteiger unterstützen Sie unsere weltweiten Produkt-Installationen und -Wartungen per Remote von Hamburg aus und beim Kunden vor Ort.

  • Hamburg (Deutschland)
  • in Vollzeit
  • ab sofort

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Elektrofachkraft / Mechatroniker

Als Profi oder ambitionierter Neueinsteiger unterstützen Sie die weltweiten Installationen und Wartungen unserer technologisch führenden Produkte beim Kunden vor Ort oder per Remote von Hamburg aus.

  • Hamburg (Deutschland)
  • in Vollzeit
  • ab sofort

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Vertriebsaußendienst (m/w)

Als Vertriebsprofi oder ambitionierter Neueinsteiger repräsentieren Sie unser Unternehmen bei unseren Kunden. Sie stellen unsere qualitativ führenden Produkte selbständig Ihren Kunden vor und verkaufen diese aktiv.

  • Hamburg (Deutschland)
  • in Vollzeit
  • ab sofort

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Meet the Team

Get to know a part of our enthusiastic and friendly team here:

Sven Barendt & Dr. Marcus Rosenstiel - Development

EyeC gives us the possibility to constantly face new and exciting technical challenges. How can we make our client’s everyday work easier? Developing innovative, easy to use and highly performant products is our goal as well as our motivation.

Alexander Sperling - Support

I enjoy working at EyeC, especially because customer service is among the top priorities here. Supporting customers from various industries and countries makes my work very exciting.

Christian Schiemann, Knut Kaptein & Arne Thulin - Production

The best things arise out of enthusiasm and passion! Especially when it comes to production we make sure to provide our clients with the best quality. This challenge is our biggest motivation.

Mirco Schmedicke - Operations

My job is to design the processes that allow our employees to supply a consistently high quality and to respond flexibly to customer requirements at the same time. This task regulary challenges me. Therefore I enjoy working at EyeC. 

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