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EyeC inspection systems make sure you catch artwork and print defects before they generate losses. Whether you design, order or manufacture labels, cartons, leaflets, flexible or cylindrical packaging, EyeC systems help you reduce waste material, save time and improve the quality of your production. Hence, they offer an intuitive approach that enhance user´s satisfaction and integrates in processes seamlessly; making EyeC's products a compelling return on investment from an efficient quality control tool.

EyeC range of artwork comparison and print inspection systems covers the complete print cycle. They provide a fast and accurate solution to verify packaging quality at each of the production stages. Our artwork and pre-press inspection systems check changes made to the artwork file during design, revision, and pre-press, and makes sure PDF files remain free of errors. Our off-line inspection systems verify printed samples at press make ready, during random or outgoing QC checks and at incoming material verification, and ensure content and print compliance. Our in-line inspection systems inspects the full production run, and provide a 100% quality assurance.

To know more about EyeC inspection systems, please contact us or choose below the system that corresponds to your needs.

Artwork & Pre-Press Inspection

Ensure the production of error-free artwork files

Artwork errors are one of the largest causes of product recall. If not discovered on time, they may mislead and harm patients or consumers, cause costly reworks, reprints or recalls, and damage reputation. Catching them early in the process is a necessity. To help companies secure artwork files, EyeC has developed a complete range of artwork and pre-press inspection software, sometimes also called proofreading software or artwork comparators.

EyeC artwork and pre-press inspection systems allow the user to proof the content of the artwork file at each of the production stages easily and quickly. They ensure file quality, reduce the risks of errors, simplify and speed up approval processes. As a result, our customers maintain a high reputation, avoid reprints, lower their costs, and reduce time to market.

To know more about EyeC artwork and pre-press inspection systems, please contact us or choose the system below that corresponds to your needs.

EyeC Proofiler Graphic

Check your print-ready and imposition PDF files easily and quickly

The EyeC Proofiler Graphic is a pre-press inspection system that secures pre-press processes and ensures the production of error-free press-ready files. By detecting errors before the press plates are produced, pre-press studios and companies can be sure that they will not produce a perfect print job with the wrong artwork!

This PDF proofing system digitally compares two versions of a file,...

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EyeC Proofiler Content

Check and approve artwork files revisions easily and quickly

The EyeC Proofiler Content is a comprehensive artwork inspection system that helps secure the quality of artwork files. This artwork comparator allows the user to check the entire design process: from the first inspection against the manuscript and the control of intermediate versions, to the approval of the final print PDF.

This proofreading software digitally compares two versions of a file...

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EyeC Workflow Integration

Integrate EyeC‘s PDF proofing technology into your pre-press workflow

The EyeC Workflow Integration incorporates our pre-press inspection technology into workflow systems such as Esko's Automation Engine. It helps you boost both security and efficiency at pre-press.

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