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EyeC inspection systems make sure you catch artwork and print defects before they generate losses. Whether you design, order or manufacture labels, cartons, leaflets, flexible or cylindrical packaging, EyeC systems help you reduce waste material, save time and improve the quality of your production. Hence, they offer an intuitive approach that enhance user´s satisfaction and integrates in processes seamlessly; making EyeC's products a compelling return on investment from an efficient quality control tool.

EyeC range of artwork comparison and print inspection systems covers the complete print cycle. They provide a fast and accurate solution to verify packaging quality at each of the production stages. Our artwork and pre-press inspection systems check changes made to the artwork file during design, revision, and pre-press, and makes sure PDF files remain free of errors. Our off-line inspection systems verify printed samples at press make ready, during random or outgoing QC checks and at incoming material verification, and ensure content and print compliance. Our in-line inspection systems inspects the full production run, and provide a 100% quality assurance.

To know more about EyeC inspection systems, please contact us or choose below the system that corresponds to your needs.

In-Line Inspection

Ensure the delivery of defect-free packaged materials

For more and more applications, such as pharmaceutical or high-quality packaging materials, clients required zero defect deliveries. To help print shops perform an efficient 100% quality control and deliver defect-free material, EyeC has developed a complete range of in-line inspection systems called the EyeC ProofRunner.

Those 100% print inspection systems monitor the entire print job, check it against the customer proof, and alert the operator in case of random or process print problems. Installed directly on printing presses, those 100% print comparators prevent job mix-up, identify defects in real time, allow the operator to implement corrective actions immediately, reduce material waste, and avoid costly reprints. Installed on finishing machines, they ensure defect-free deliveries, prevent costly reclamations or product recalls, and contribute to customers satisfaction.

Whether you produce folding cartons, labels, leaflets or flexible packaging, EyeC has the solution that suits your needs. To know more about our in-line systems, please contact us or choose below the system that corresponds to your application.

EyeC ProofRunner Web

Ensure the delivery of quality compliant labels, leaflets or flexible packaging

The EyeC ProofRunner Web series is a complete range of in-line inspection systems for label, leaflet, foil and flexible packaging printing. Suitable inspecting any type of narrow- to mid-web products - including transparent or metalized labels, inserts, outserts, patient information leaflets, flexible material or film -, they perform a 100% print inspection, and provide an efficient job mix-up...

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EyeC ProofRunner Carton Folder Gluer

Easily add print inspection to your folder gluer and check 100% of your material before delivery

With the EyeC ProofRunner Carton Folder Gluer installed on a pre-feeder module such as the Kohmann pre-feeder or the Versor Inspector, combine the latest print inspection technology with your existing folder gluer. The flexible and movable pre-feeder unit can easily be connected to any folder gluer to convert it into the perfect inspection solution for folding cartons.

By allowing print shops to ...

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EyeC ProofRunner Carton Sorter

Ensure the delivery of high-quality, error-free folding cartons

The EyeC ProofRunner Carton Sorter is an in-line inspection system that ensures the delivery of high-quality, error-free folding cartons. Installed on a sorting unit, it checks the quality of 100% of the folding boxes before their shipment to customers.

Capable of checking the output from several machines, the EyeC ProofRunner Carton Sorter offers a flexible and reliable solution to avoid...

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EyeC ProofRunner Sheetfed

Improve your print quality while reducing production time and costs

The EyeC ProofRunner Sheetfed is a retrofit module designed for 100% print inspection of sheets during printing. Available for numerous sheetfed offset presses (such as the ones from Koenig & Bauer, Manroland Sheetfed and Heidelberg), this in-line system monitors the quality of the entire print job, checks it against the customer proof, and alerts the operator in case of defects.

The EyeC...

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EyeC Quality Link

Link your press and rewinder for maximum productivity

The EyeC Quality Link connects your press and rewinder for total quality control at maximum productivity. Thanks to the EyeC Quality Link, reduce waste by monitoring your print quality on the press, improve safety by evaluating the quality of each printed roll on a work station, and speed up the removal of faulty material on the rewinder.

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