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EyeC ProofBook

EyeC ProofBook

The most efficient way to perform booklet inspections

Reduce turnaround time and improve process efficiency while proofing huge documents. ProofBook directs the focus of the proofreader to the pages that require attention. ProofBook clues you in as to what you should be checking on multi-page docs.

Fast and easy quality control

With the help of the EyeC ProofBook you can now perform a fast, easy and accurate quality check of multi-page documents such as manuals, prescription information or examination test booklets like ACT and SAT. The system inspects the frontside and backside of your multiple-page documents in only one inspection cycle and compares them against the signed-off proof (PDF).

The EyeC ProofBook scans and inspects up to 20 pages per minute at 300 dpi and immediately draws the operator's attention to the relevant pages for further inspection. Your quality checks have never been so fast and accurate!

Easy sample handling

The EyeC ProofBook combines modern duplex scanning technology with an automatic feeder that holds up to 200 pages. This makes it quick and easy to check all types of multi-page samples. The system scans and inspects documents sized DIN A6 to DIN A3 with up to 600 dpi and can feed paper from 35 to 128 g/m2.

User-friendly interface

The ProofBook simplifies your quality checks. Its intuitive user interface helps perform a full and reliable inspection in just a few clicks and is available in all major languages. Furthermore, it delivers an objective report that helps you keep track of quality and easily notifies if any problems occur.

Flexible technology

The ProofBook can keep up with your changing inspection needs. You can use the versatile flatbed scanner to inspect other types of samples, including folding cartons, labels or flexible packaging. You can add new options - such as 1D or 2D code reading - without replacing any of the hardware components.

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