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EyeC ProofRoller

EyeC ProofRoller

Check the quality of printed tubes, aerosols & cans easily and quickly

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The EyeC ProofRoller is an off-line inspection system that helps companies check the quality of printed cylindrical samples, such as food and drink cans, canisters for toiletries, round cartons and tubes for liquor bottles. Designed for print shops and their customers - such as companies in the pharmaceutical, consumer and luxury goods, tobacco, food and beverage industries - the EyeC ProofRoller brings security, efficiency and flexibility to QC checks. By verifying print quality and ensuring content integrity, this print inspection system helps companies cope with strict requirements, and catch print defects before they generate losses and damage their image.

The EyeC ProofRoller combines the power of intelligent software with the performance of a high-resolution camera. The inspection system digitally compares the sample against the signed-off proof (typically a PDF file). The operator can easily check deviations and make sure that the sample’s quality complies with requirements. The inspection is simple, fast, impartial, and reproducible. Results are fully documented for perfect traceability.

Avoid costly printing problems

At the print shop, the EyeC ProofRoller can be used to check the first print, perform regular inspections while the press is running, or verify quality before shipping material to customers. As a result, printers are sure - without the need for a second pair of eyes - to set-up the press properly and run the job correctly the first time. Potential problems are detected and corrected earlier on, which in turn reduces wasted material, avoids costly reprints or reworks, and ensures customer satisfaction.

In the incoming packaging materials lab, the EyeC ProofRoller allows users to perform reliable and efficient incoming quality control. Companies can be sure that their quality standard has been met, they uphold a consistent brand image, and that their packaging quality complies with strict regulations. Users avoid costly product recalls, while keeping up with tight production schedules.

Accurately check the complete content of your samples

The EyeC ProofRoller uses a line scan camera to acquire high resolution images of the sample. Thanks to a technology patented by EyeC, no adjustments are necessary for different diameter products. The system automatically locates the sample, and verifies its content against the signed-off proof (typically a PDF file). Texts, graphics, and color deviations are all checked in one inspection cycle.

The EyeC ProofRoller identifies all typical defects with high precision, such as color deviations, mis-registers, press contamination, filled in characters, or hickies. By performing a check against the approved artwork, it also provides a reliable content verification in any language, and prevents job mix-up.

Bring efficiency to your quality control

In addition to ensuring process security, the EyeC ProofRoller offers a fast solution for quality control. Thanks to its high level of automation and performant hardware, the EyeC ProofRoller drastically reduces inspection time. The customer proof is automatically loaded based on the entered job data. Pre-defined parameter settings allow it to adapt to the inspection sensitivity for the different products’ requirements in one click.

Increase operator satisfaction

Due to their shape, cylinders are challenging to proof. Checking them manually, or with the inappropriate tool, can be tedious and unproductive. Luckily, the EyeC ProofRoller simplifies this task. It reduces operator fatigue associated with it, and enhances user satisfaction.

The EyeC ProofRoller has been designed with ease-of-use in mind. Its intuitive interface, available in all major languages, allows any user to perform a reliable inspection without the need of previous training. Just a few easy steps are required to perform a comprehensive quality check: Scan the sample, load the file, start the inspection, evaluate the deviations, and save or print the report.

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