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EyeC ProofRunner Flexible Packaging

EyeC ProofRunner Flexible Packaging

Ensure the delivery of high-quality, error-free flexible packaging

The EyeC ProofRunner Flexible Packaging is a complete range of in-line inspection systems for wide web and flexible packaging printing. Suitable for inspecting any type of flexible material or film, the systems perform 100% print inspection, and provide an efficient job mix-up prevention tool. As a result, print shops can be sure to deliver exactly what their customers expect, and avoid customer reclamations or product recalls.

Installed on a printing press or rewinder, the EyeC ProofRunner Flexible Packaging monitors the quality of the entire print job, checks it against the customer proof, and alerts the operator in case of defects. The operator can then take corrective actions immediately, so that only compliant materials are delivered.

Avoid costly customer reclamations

For many companies, quality is vital for both regulatory compliance and image. For printers, any quality problem will, as a consequence, result in costly reprints, reclamations or product recalls. With the EyeC ProofRunner Flexible Packaging, print shops can be sure that no incorrect films will be delivered to customers.

Installed on a press, the EyeC ProofRunner Flexible Packaging catches defects in real time, and allows the operator to correct the problem before too much waste material has been printed. By counting the number of good items produced, the inspection system also eliminates the need for over runs. As a result, it prevents the waste of expensive consumables and valuable machine time. By carrying out print inspection on a rewinder or slitter the defective items can be removed just before shipping to customers. Clients’ expectations are fulfilled and their satisfaction guaranteed.

Accurately check the content of 100 of your films

The EyeC ProofRunner Flexible Packaging uses high speed line scan cameras to continuously capture a high resolution image of the entire web. A high performance computer system then identifies and verifies all printed items on the web automatically. Texts, graphics, color variations, 1D and 2D codes are checked for on 100% of the printed flexible packaging.

The EyeC ProofRunner Flexible Packaging identifies with high precision all typical defects, such as color deviations, mis-registers, press contamination, filled in or missing characters, hickies or poor quality codes. By performing an initial check against the approved artwork PDF, it provides reliable content verification in any language, and prevents job mix-up. By monitoring 100% of the printed material, it assures quality and color consistency through the entire job.

Making quality control efficient

Productivity is the key to facing the increasing competition and improving the bottom line. Thanks to its automated job set-up and high inspection speed, the EyeC ProofRunner Flexible Packaging helps print shops save time by the implementation of new jobs, and perform a fast and efficient 100% print inspection.

The customer proof is loaded automatically based on the entered job data, and used to speed-up job set-up. Even composite jobs can be checked against their corresponding PDFs in one click. The information that is contained in the PDF is used to define priority regions, and adjust inspection sensitivity automatically. The high accuracy of this web inspector allows the detection of defects even at high speeds. As a result, jobs are processed and proofed faster.

Increase operator satisfaction

The EyeC ProofRunner Flexible Packaging simplifies quality control, and enhances operator satisfaction. Designed with ease of use in mind, its intuitive interface - available in all major languages - allows any operator to easily perform a meaningful in-line inspection.

Thanks to its advanced technology, the EyeC ProofRunner Flexible Packaging alerts the operator only in cases of significant deviations. Thereby the inspection system reduces potential eye strain and fatigue. The clear presentation of deviations and key statistical information – such as the defect heatmap - help the operator to easily understand the location and origin of printing defects. A full inspection report, that is automatically produced at the end of each job, offers managers perfect tracking, analysis and communication support.

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