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    Artwork and Print Inspection Keeping an Eye on Your Print Quality Whether you design, order or manufacture packaging, ensuring that your material has been designed and printed correctly, has no...

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    EyeC inspection systems make sure you catch artwork and print defects before they generate losses. Whether you design, order or manufacture labels, cartons, leaflets, flexible or cylindrical...

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    EyeC’s complete range of inspection systems allows companies to check the quality of all types of printed packaging materials. Our systems ensure the compliance of your packaging from the first...

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    Quality by EyeC From the first artwork to the final product Our range of artwork comparison and print inspection systems covers the complete print cycle. They provide a fast and accurate solution...

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    Our Job Openings EyeC is currently looking for qualified and enthusiastic employees in the following departments. For further information, please click on the links below. Produktmanager (m/w) Ihre...

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    Data protection The use of our website is mostly possible without providing personal information. Whenever feasible, collecting personal data (e.g. names, addresses or e-mail addresses) is always...

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    EyeC inspection systems are designed for quality-conscious companies involved in the production of packaging and print material. They check and ensure the accuracy and quality of packaging materials...

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